i "need" grains and beans...

my family, with good intentions, is pushing me to eat more grains. my parents tell me all the time that i'm worrying them because i'm "too restrictive" and i'm "cutting out way too many foods". it's getting to the point where they're threatening to get me help for an eating disorder, over refusing bread. keep in mind, i am NOT under eating either- 2500 to 3000 calories a day for a 5' 3" sixteen year old girl. i KNOW grains and beans and all that isn't great; i feel like crap when i eat it, i get indigestion...the works. but i still on average have to have one cooked vegan meal a day (i manage to stay in the 80/10/10 ratios, somehow). but all the fruit i'm eating doesn't fair well with the cooked rice/beans/sprouted breads/tofu :( 

my dad, also a vegan, says i NEED to eat more things like tofu, bread, and oatmeal. :( i need articles that prove the stuff is crap, without being over scientific.

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