• unripe tomatoes usually have high amounts of lectin compared to ripe ones and lectin can be prblematic for some humans, it's probobly problematic for all humans in excesive ammounts.

    most store bought tomatoes was grown under plastic or glass which reduces the spectrum of light  from the sun, this can cause the tomato fruit to have less total amount of phytonutrients and also reduce the diversity of them inside the fruit.
    home grown tomatoes in living soil under sun (no plastic or glass) gives the best chance for edible and delicious tomatoes. picked when ripe from the plant they are less likely to cause reaction. big greenhouse farmers pick most tomatoes green and this is not optimal even if they ripen up they will not likely have full falvour and nutrition. hence grow your own :D

    some plants in the solanace have fruits that are less edible or unedible.

    Solanum pimpinellifolium is one of the closest ancesters living today of the cultivated tomato and they are edible and good, have tried a fruit i think was this one.

    • if you feel good eating lots of them go for it, I can eat 5 in one sitting and feel great without a negativce reaction. We grow tomatoes here so we eat them and we buy other verieties that are superior, we never get the standard gross lisse becuase it's breed for shelflife etc and usually tastes very bad since picked very green, I am sure they taste really good grown at home.

      yellow thai drop, oxhart, black russian, yellow cherry. that's some of the verieties we like to eat and do not have issues with. there's hundres more, a lifetime to explore!


      • "5 big ones"

  • I had what I called a tomato addiction back around 2015.  I found myself craving them.  So I decided to just binge on them almost every day.  I never had problems with them.  And after a while, the craving subdued.8726356860?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Oh wow! They look so nice :D I usually grow my own but my new plants got smashed by a whole bunch of rain we had recently O_o Have to start over :P 

      • And also...I'm sure there are worse addictions :'D 

  • i read all tomatoes are hybrids, not sure if that's true or not. look into it. like tru wild tomatos are prob not good to eat, not sure

  • Yes, tomatoes are fruit, and you can eat them.  A few of our members have reactions to nightshade products.

    I personally love tomatoes, and might eat a pound or more of them a day, especially with my leafy greens.

    Peace, PK

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