Hi ya'll, wondering if other like minded, straight spirits/sOLs are looking to leave this artificial, hoax, govt mInd Kontrol skam, and hed tU thE tropiks and find a holistick, off grid spot near the ocean and mountains, maybe somewhere in oaxaca or baja?  Seriously ready to leave at any moment and don't care if it's cold anymore lol.  I have backpacked and been to the caribbean before as well.  Looking to get there on land, and open to sharing a ride as well on this journey.

Been vegan for awhile now, don't even keep track of 'time' honestly as it's a soul trap.  Have been raw before as well and can go long periods again just being raw, but i feel that eating nuts, seeds, and some cooked plant based food gives me more weight and mass and energy which is better, being an athlete and gardener as well.  Don't smoke or do drugs, i do make natural fermented drinks from chaga, dates, and other fruit and herbs.  The gol is to be totally off grid, outhouse, spring water, and have a natural adobe house, or cob, wood etc.   Grow own food truly natural, vegan and permaculture based, and support local trade as well. Not be dependant on mind control govts or religions and their toxic corporations and other agents.




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