Is it good to eat 10 bananas every day?

I am begining my frugivore journey and bananas have always been my most favorite fruit. I read online about the harm that eating too many bananas can make and I was wondering if these articles simply come from an uneducated sources or they do have some truths go what they say, especially in regards of fructose which can reach high amounts with just fruits. I would appreciate a lot any clarification. I must add that I am I the middle of 80/10/10 book by Dr. Douglas Graham abd I am slowly learning. 

P.S, what should I take in account when eating only a fruit based diet? Like which fruits should you eat a lot of and which moderately or not too much? Should you drink more water than usual while on frugivore lifestyle?

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  • You can eat as many bananas as you want. There are no contraindications in doing so. I've been eating a fruit based diet for 10 years, and I've probably eaten THOUSANDS of bananas during this time. A meal of 8-15 bananas is normal for me. The only fruit that I restrict, even though it's one of my favorite ones, is avocado. Since it's very high in fat, you don't digest it and metabolize it the same as the other low-fat fruits. It sits heavy in your stomach and it takes a longer time to digest. I will still eat a few avocados when they're in season, but I go without them most of the year.

    I eat fruit seasonally. If a fruit is in season and I like it, I'll eat A LOT of it until it goes out of season. I do that with melons, stone fruit (like peaches, apricots, nectarines, plums), citrus fruit (especially mandarines), persimmons, mangoes, figs, grapes, etc. 

    The fructose in fruit is NOT harmful, since it doesn't come in an isolated form, but in a package with fiber, water and tons of other nutrients.

    In regards to water, drink as much as you feel like. Depending on the time of the year and how active I am, I drink between 3-5 liters a day.

  • The sugar in fruit is super beneficial (high energy levels, we run on glucose!) and is released in a balanced manner thanks to the fibre. That's also why I avoid juicing and stick with smoothies

  • Eat seasonally and a as large a variety as you can I reccon :D <3

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