it's not food! it's violence!!

here is a great video uncovered by bigG:

One Voice for Animal Liberation (DxE August)

A committed band of activists is on a mission to change the world for animals. But they need your help.

With Eddie Lama of The Witness, distinguished critical theorist John Sanbonmatsu, and activists from 31 cities in four continents, DxE is setting out to show the world that we are no longer afraid to say what we believe: that every animal has an equal right to be safe, happy, and free.

Languages featured in this video include:

The cries of the animals

Over 60 cities in 17 countries have joined the #ItsNotFoodItsViolence campaign. Join the growing network:

the excuses stop right here!

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  • the movement benefits from people like you alexis! if you want, you are welcome to join my animal rights issues elist. you can see a sample of what we've covered here:

    also, you'll find a lot of 30bad threads of interest here:

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  • alexis, radical is at the very least reasonable. it is really the only way things get done around here.

    take a look at this:

    you may find many useful ideas in this thread, but make sure you read this one:

    feeling bad for doing good

    at the bottom of that post, you'll see a bit about being radical and some of those who were radical. you'll see you're keeping really good company! ;)

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  • That is a very powerful video, thank you for putting it up Prad.

    • you are very welcome, colette!

      and welcome to 30bad.

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  • I salute anyone who does anything that they feel advances vegan cause even a fraction forward, in their own ¬†capacity and in their own way and time.

    I'm not a good protester with placards, but I'm aiming to start with food samples where ever I have a change and that means I have to start 'cooking'/uncooking more creatively with more variety for those that dare to taste my crub,but still simply, so one can see what is offered,even taking time to 'prettying the plate' beyond what one would 'normally' do.Simply put a lot of thought/creativity into the offering.It would help to wait untill the people are really hungry too imo.Perhaps use similar tactics one uses to get children to taste foods that they have not got used to.have to start spending more time in the kitchen.It won't be wasted for the ultimate purpose in this case.It may even cost a bit more but we all have to do charity in some way or another.So I'm starting to really aiming to please the taste buds of unsuspecting victims beyond expectations.

    I have to mention here a (children's) cookbook by Anne Osborn.I came across it s/where on the net.I thought her presentation of the food was priceless.Can be very useful for parents of small kids.
  • again from bigG about dxe:

    Cool Activism and Hot Activism

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