• Hey everyone, for anyone who wants to know how I do this method of fruit cutting, a video! Thank you to my incredible fruity vietnamese step mum, she taught me and I've been doing it this way since I was 13! So awesome to share this part of her culture with you all!Β 

  • You should post a video of how you did this because that's awesome!Β  I buy pineapples and I always cut them down the middle and attempt to scoop out things, but I feel like I can't get everything out!Β  This is great!Β  I hope you had a safe holiday!Β 

    • Hi Moe, so funny story, this video was just sitting on my phone because I had to delete my fruitstagram (fruit instagram ) about 7 months ago. I used to have close to 4,000 fruity followers on instagram, but sadly I was bullied off the platform by a college friend of mine who had 20k followers on IG (non vegan) , and her followers were just jerks and cyber bullied me off of it. Thank you for reminding me I did a tutorial on this, because of you I decided to upload it to my YouTube channel and share it here in the fruit community! Enjoy how to slice a Pineapple in this way!Β 

    1. I'd love to learn how to slice pineapples like that!
  • So cool! I must figure out how to do this!

  • Plant that top! :) <3Β 

  • Would buy them like that in Thailand. Β Haven't tried it myself!

  • 😳 I have to google this! Thank you

  • I learned that technique in the Solomon Islands.

  • yes! i love doing this, gets rid of the scratchy little eyes, thailand is big on it too. we just picked one of our pineapples and it was FULL of seeds but sooooo sweet. amazing.Β 

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