Kiss my @$$, you motherf***ing vegans...

"We need proper quality protein, calcium, fat, zinc & nutrients from lean protein..."

My friend: "Yah.... Whatever."

"The more protein, the better..."

Me: "Bye..."

"Kiss my @$$, you motherf****ing vegans..."

Me: "In your dreams... So long."

Apparently refusing to debate with a hardcore animal eater arouses the perverse deviant. The schmock placed himself next to us on a train and caught a glimpse of our "Vegan" t-shirts. Me and my vegan friend were equally disgusted and fled the scene.

Oh, holy half-wittedness.

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  • oh you were quoting what your stupid friends were saying? lol got ya

  • they worship dogs, cats, lions, gators and snakes, but then they feel threatened by peacefulll vegan animals like cows, chickens, goats, pigs and have to try and kontroll them with their arrogance. it will be stopped :)

  • lol stubborn lion trollz will all learn eventually the truth :)

  • L'ignorance... Compassion un petit mot pour susciter la curiosité de valider que sa pensée de trouve résolue dans un bon fruit ...ou une feuille sauvage lol

  • must be the beauty of Canada or at least the city I live in. I usually get hit with my curious questions than angry responses... I'm sorry you had to go through that bro... :(
  • ahhhh *smacks forehead* been there, done that. People are so ignorant!!!!
  • Forgive him, he's only doing his best.
    Veganism doesn't fit in with the the belief system of many people. Everything we know of the world and ourselves is contained in our own individual belief systems and when faced with something that doesn't fit in those people who do not have peace in their mind tend to react with defiance or some other defense mechanism.
  • It is hilarious how the big, strong, macho grocery store animal eaters feel so threatened by us meek vegans.
  • does this count as violent opposition?! HAVE WE MADE IT PAST RIDICULE?!

    I've been getting a lot of really angry opposition lately...we're getting closer to acceptance!
    • hehe I know. I always try to not get defensive and just explain to people what I'm doing and why. But I totally notice, like you, that something is happening.
      At work people start to tell me proudly how much fruit/veges they have eaten that day.
      One girl even said: Eva, isn't it amazing, cows can produce milk and meat just from eating grass.
      Me: yes, that's pretty amazing, isn't it.
      We went on about protein in fruit and veges for a bit.

      People are starting to think. Yay!
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