LFRV Tomato Sauce WITHOUT Sun-Dried Tomatoes?

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to introduce this lifestyle to my husband and myself, but he really loves his cooked pasta sauces.  I haven't found any tomato sauce recipes that DON'T call for sun-dried tomatoes.  I don't dehydrate for simplicity's sake, and I don't buy sun-dried tomatoes as there is nowhere for me to buy them where I live.

Does anyone know a tomato sauce recipe that is raw, vegan, low fat and that does NOT include sun-dried tomatoes?  It is hard to duplicate the consistency of cooked marinara sauce.


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  • Thanks!  I think I have issues digesting red bell pepper, I wish I could use it!  But the end results aren't too pleasant :)

  • Adding in some fresh basil & garlic make such a difference to me! :)
  • I always use: tomatoes, red bell pepper (capsicum), fresh basil, some ground black pepper and/or other (dried/fresh herbs) and put everything together in a blender.

    The key to great taste is to use very ripe tomatoes/cherry tomatoes, since they have a very strong, delicious taste :)

  • try tomatoes and peach!

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