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I'll keep it simple and to the point.

I am 4'9 and weigh approximately 90-95 pounds, depending on water weight

I have a past of calorie restriction, I started working on increasing my calories about a month ago

I drink 1-3 liters of waters daily

I exerci

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Best Snack Ever!

When I was younger I loved this one dipping sauce that my mom would make. It was a yogurt sauce with sugar & cinnamon and we would cut up apple slices and dip them in it. I would always look forward to it especially during the fall when apples are at

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Fruit on a budget?

Hey friends,

I'm on day 2 now (I know, SUPER new) and even though I had more fat yesterday than recommended today I feel great! (it was less fat than I usually have) My skin looks clearer, I feel rested and I feel energized and happy. The only thing t

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Apples make me happy!

HI ya'll!

Anybody here use apples as a main supply of nutrients?

What are your experiences?

I have bought several varieties of delicious organic apples and plan to eat a lot of them with a pound of greens/celery.


I read an article about the app

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