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Natural Health Benefits of Banana

8191823901?profile=originalBanana is an amazing Gifts present by nature to human being. It gives lots of health benefits to our daily life. The color of bananas are in different color like yellow, green and little brown. But most of them commonly eat the yellow color banana. I

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abdominal ultrasound results

ive been high carb vegan for a year now. for the first 3 months everything was perfect. after that, until now, I've had continuous problems such as weight loss plateu, acne, and constipation/digestive issues. i took it upon myself to get some tests d

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Hey guys,What do you do about heartburn? You know that nasty feeling in your chest, when you just ate a lot of fruit? I get it after my breakfast and it's really annoying when I get on omy to to go to school. Also I don't know if it's damaging O.o

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Acidic fruit

I have been consuming a lot of acidic fruit lately, for example I just ate a pineapple and two oranges. I want to ensure that my tooth enamel will not wear away as I've often read from eating high carb vegan. How can I prevent that and take the best

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