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Bloating: What to do?

So I've been following a LFRV lifestyle and I love it. I generally feel great and am pretty much always energetic and in a good mood. However, I can't help but notice that I've been feeling a bit bloated lately. My weight has stayed about the same. I

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Hello From Scotland!

Hi all,

I'm 37 yo, originally from the USA, and currently living in Scotland. 

I'm a complete noob to this lifestyle.  I actually haven't even started yet!  I've been an ovo/lacto vegetarian for about 6 years, with the occasional meat-based meal (mainl

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What motivates us?

This comment by our illustrious pradf, along with some musings of my own, prompted me to start this thread.

What motivates us to do things? There are some truly amazing people on this board, doing some pretty incredible things day after day, braving s

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Hi everyone!


If faced with one of two choices:


a) unripe fruits (as in not yet sweet or optimal for digestion)


b) dried unsoaked fruits (dates and/or figs)...


Say you are Hungry and you've nothing else to choose from,

Which one would you pick? and w

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