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In 'Northeast, Amerika'. Holistik VegonΩ Travel, Bakpaking Partners? Off Grid, Tropiks

Hi ya'll, wondering if other like minded, straight spirits/sOLs are looking to leave this artificial, hoax, govt mInd Kontrol skam, and hed tU thE tropiks and find a holistick, off grid spot near the ocean and mountains, maybe somewhere in oaxaca or

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Hi ya'll! OFF GRID PERMACULTURE VEGAN HoListik Organik, Govt is defined as mind control literally in Latin!

Hi, thanks for having me!!  Are there others spiriutaly awake to the hoaxes/facades/lies of this realm and system?  Message me if u want to get off grid as well and be in a veganic permaculture way, and free of cell phones, electric grid etc. Offerin

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vegan / raw permaculture course?

Hey, im searching for a vegan or even raw vegan permaculture course out there ... preferably a PDC (perma design course)? 

The only one thats vegan that I've found so far is spiral seeds UK. Tropical would be awesome. 

Thanks green fingered peeps! 


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Ant Attack!

My recently planted fruit trees are striving to make themselves at home in my hot climate.

But now some local ants, large and small, are turning the leaves into their personal smorgasbord.  

A.  I don't wish to harm the ants on ethical grounds.

B.  I

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Go Fruit the World!

How nice it would be if the world was one big fruit forest... Lets all put our heads together to think of ideas and initiate some action!

I'm lucky that around my city there are quite a lot of wild mango trees that I can forage from in season, but I t

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