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What to do with a Plantain?

Hi guys,

I've bought a plantain to try at is I always get the same bananas all the time (but plantains are more expensive).

Then It sort of dawned on me that you don't necessarily use plantains like mainstream bananas and most people use plantains in s

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LFRV Stuffed Tomatoes

This LFRV Stuffed Tomatoes Recipe is utterly delicious!

I've been getting pretty tired of salads for my savoury meals, so I decided to kick it up a notch.

These are sweet, succulent, and I think you'll really like them :)

You can try them out for yourse

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Ideas to make rice less boring?

Hey guys

I find rice pretty boring on its own. Any ideas to make it less boring? I have tried vegan low-salt boullion cubes or cooking in veggie stock - I just don't want to finish it because it doesn't taste that good. I love my soy sauce, but I'm tr

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