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Tooth stains

Does anyone else get stains on their teeth from eating greens. Buy the time I go to my yearly dentist checkup my teeth are really stained, they scrape the stains of with some tool and my teeth look nice, but within weeks I notice my teeth turning yel

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My teeth are turning brown!

Hi guys!

I'm RT4, been several months. Recently I have seen there's brown stains on my teeth. I brush twice a day with fluoride-free toothpaste and floss once a day. Always flush my mouth with water after eating too. I think they are from dates, I eat

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Acidic fruit

I have been consuming a lot of acidic fruit lately, for example I just ate a pineapple and two oranges. I want to ensure that my tooth enamel will not wear away as I've often read from eating high carb vegan. How can I prevent that and take the best

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Diet Tips for Weak Teeth

Hey all, my names Jo - Nice to meet you. 

Firstly, I want to make clear I am not blaming this lifestyle for poor teeth. 

(I have been very overweight for most of my life and a definite binge eater, so obviously that's the main contributor for sure. )


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