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One kilo of dried dates

Hi everyone!So today I've had 4 oranges 9 apples and about 500g dates and will have rice and sweet potato for dinner.I kin of want to keep eating dates before dinner - if it came to 1kg (2 pounds) of dried dates would that be too much?? Am I just goi

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Losing weight. Normal?

Hi all,

So I've been fairly consistently raw for the last several months and I've been losing some weight. I've never been that concerned with my weight but I just want other people's opinions/experiences on the subject. I'm 6 feet tall and I'm down t

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not ENOUGH fat?

ive just started the rawtill4 lifestyle and i have been tracking my calories on cronometer. i eat fruits during the day and typical rawtill4 dinner (rice/potato/corn pasta and veggies) and every time my total fat for the day is around 3%. is it bad t

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play but do not excercise?


i am happily buried in a ton of information regarding the food aspect of this lifestyle..

but  i have read recently this saying here,  : play but do not exercise...


i hired a personal trainer for  2 years..   ( expensive)   to do weights and ot

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