• I've been trying to get a homestead like this going for a bit now. It's not easy, that's for sure. I'm looking in the Kentucky area, where I could grow all manner of tropical fruit with basic greenhouses. Still prospecting around though.

    Another thing to keep in mind - if the point is to escape Mainstream Society and all its poison, then we need to connect these different communities together, maybe even barter/trade once developed enough. Different regions are ideal for different foods/products. Completely bypass the system. 

    You're in MA? Are you open to moving?

    • How many others are there with you?


      • Just two at the moment. One's mostly raw vegan/fruitarian like me. About as "red pilled" as it gets. She's not a career woman, but knows a lot about gardening/farming/permaculture. Other one is pretty far from vegan, but still pretty red pilled. He's a hydrogeologist. All unjabbed of course

        And we're now looking at the Tennessee area, outskirts of Knoxville.

        • Kinda crazy, this site is connected to my backup email. The last time I checked it was when I made that comment back in September. Then I open it up this afternoon and saw your message from literally just a few hours previous. What are the chances...

          • Nice. so your all in kentucky now? off grid? ever think about southwest or the keys or like mexico area?  i'm in 'wmass' now stuck in this kold shit lol. hit up my email  un_nomz  at  protonmail  dot  CH

    • sup ? the whole virus/poison system is going to self destruct very soon and anyon that's a part of the deception.  

    • That's a good idea, swap in an independent manner. And definetly need to keep the "farmers" markets going.


  •  It's mind boggling how i can't find others like this even on these sites lol

    • Beacuse facebook with their aggressive notification system occupies their time, people forget about the forums easily. We might look into options to have an app that just acts as a link in peoples phone, this way it's atleast a logo on the phone tab.

      • ya i don't know about 'sell fonez' tho bud! the wireless radiation seems to not agree with my body so i don't use it anymore. trying to get off grid all together too and not be on this BOX as much! or at all lol


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