• I've been trying to get a homestead like this going for a bit now. It's not easy, that's for sure. I'm looking in the Kentucky area, where I could grow all manner of tropical fruit with basic greenhouses. Still prospecting around though.

    Another thing to keep in mind - if the point is to escape Mainstream Society and all its poison, then we need to connect these different communities together, maybe even barter/trade once developed enough. Different regions are ideal for different foods/products. Completely bypass the system. 

    You're in MA? Are you open to moving?

    • sup ? the whole virus/poison system is going to self destruct very soon and anyon that's a part of the deception.  

    • That's a good idea, swap in an independent manner. And definetly need to keep the "farmers" markets going.


  •  It's mind boggling how i can't find others like this even on these sites lol

    • Beacuse facebook with their aggressive notification system occupies their time, people forget about the forums easily. We might look into options to have an app that just acts as a link in peoples phone, this way it's atleast a logo on the phone tab.

  •  hi no i meant homesteading etc lol.  ya i know about glaser farms, they weren't the friendliest to me when i ordered from them

  • Are you talking about Homestead Florida? I do know a guy named saul there hes friends with Stan from glaser farms.  He's got such a big foot from there and sometimes he'll let people stay there if he wants to hire someone to work hes got a tree house there and it's almost every kind of tropical fruit farm you can imagine. I can get you his email but I don't know if he wants it posted publicly. Just pm me.

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