Magnesium Deficiency

Just wanted to post some thoughts on here.  I came to this lifestyle back in April 2013.  I have struggled with chronic bloat and weight gain since coming to this lifestyle.  I did need to gain around 25-30 pounds, but it is definitely more than that.  

I recently discovered that I am very low on magnesium.  My RBC Magnesium test came back in the low range of normal, which is not good enough for carb, protein, and fat digestion.  To not be considered deficient, I have read where you want a score of 6.0-6.8.  Mine came in at 4.8.  This may explain why I have struggled for so long.  

I was unable to take supplements as I react to anything synthetic.  I tried to take Magnesium Glycinate again recently and I did not react.  I know we do not recommend supplements on this site, but I have struggled and gained weight (whether it be fat or water, I have no idea) to the point I have to try something.  I am adding in between 200-600mg per day.  Supposedly, we can only absorb around 20% of what we supplement.  I do eat LOTS of magnesium each day, but if I am truly showing deficient in my blood, I imagine my bone and tissue are completely tapped out.  I need to build my storage back up and see how my body responds.  I hope this is the answer I have been looking for on this journey.  

Has anyone else gained a lot of weight, to only find out a great deal of it was water?  I do not mean 5 pounds of weight, I mean more significant amounts.

Thank you! 

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  • Low stomach acid can lead to nutritional deficiencies through decreased absorption of basic electrolytes such as magnesium, zinc , etc. And problems with absorption of  vitamins such as vitamin C,  B- complex and vitamin K.

    This was my problem.  As you know I. I have tried everything.

    Happy that I found it now. I am using HCL with Peptin without magnesium stearate (I don't have acid enough to breakdown magnesium stearate).

    I also take a organic B-complex.

    • Dutchman, thank you for your reply.  This is one thing I have as well.  Low stomach acid.  I tried taking the HCL at one point, but when I discovered it was meant to be used with high protein meals, I stopped for fear of messing up my gut.  I know we eat larger fruit/salad meals than the average person, so maybe I could try it.  Do you take it with every meal?  I still have some HCL with pepsin.  I think mine has the stearate, though.  I used to have a hard time with mag stearate myself - always thought it was an allergic reaction.  Made my ears ring worse.

      Interesting you mention this, I recently did some research on low HCL.  Some people believe that is what starts the downward spiral with celiac patients (my brother is an extremely bad celiac patient).  Some believe due to low stomach acid, the body cannot break down the gluten protein, thus causing inflammation that gets worse and worse, then comes the deficiencies like magnesium, and so on.  

      Going to try adding this in today and see if I notice a difference.  What symptoms have improved for you?  I cannot recall if you had bloating or fatigue in any way.  THANK YOU!!!!

      • Most foods have proteins.

        When I don't use HCL, I don't breakdown my foods. They come out as they go in. (My large intestine has been removed).
        Only wenn I eat very small portions it's ok.
        You can go for a Heidelberg test! And checkout for hypochlorhydria.
        BTW my stool doesn't burn my skin, PH is ok ☺.

        What improved:





        It will take some time to see results, I had many deficiencies.

        As I told you, I use a Complex organic B vitamin. You need B vitamins to make Stomach acid again.

        So I hope one day I make enough on my own.

        Some intresting links:

        Good luck.

        • Very interesting reading, Dutchman! Interesting you mention the need for B12 to make stomach acid. If you recall, I have a mutation of the MTHFR gene. If you ever read up on this, people with this mutation cannot methylate/detox well. It is like having missing teeth in a watch component. The body is unable to use any sort of synthetic folate (folic acid) and the same with enriched foods (enriched with b12). These synthetic supplements build up in the body of someone with MTHFR. Also, the body is unable to manufacture its own b12. So, it could explain the increased risk of heart disease and cancer - the body cannot detox as well as having low stomach acid to kill off pathogens and bacteria entering the stomach. Just a vicious cycle. Every time I try to supplement with methylated b12, I have reactions. It may be the awakening of certain detox pathways, but it is extremely uncomfortable. I have tried lower doses, but I get the same reaction. I started using hcl yesterday. Going to see if it helps in any way. Then, I may try to add the b12 back in after a few days. Thank you for your response! Very helpful!

          • Yes it is difficult to get out the vicious cycle. If you don't absorb the vitamins and minerals you need to build stomach acid, than you have a big problem.

  • I get my magnesium from here they claim you absorb the full amount. Who knows if that's true but I do like those supplements. They have a thing where they can test your hair for nutrition imbalances I haven't done that but I am thinking I should since my doctor doesn't do full nutrition testing and I can't afford to see a natural doctor forgot what they are called. I am glad to see you are still hangin in there fruity fitness. So am I and I haven't lost a pound. I really think I just eat too much. I don't know
    • "But the majority of time I eat clean with the exception of eating salt and onion pretty regularly now."

      Salt greatly effects our bodies. I would definitely look into this and consider eliminating it.
      • Bananamomma yeah I will eliminate it again at some point but I was salt free for years even before I went vegan. I have been vegan for three years and one month. I notice no difference after adding salt back in. Felt bad before still feel bad now. But I don't feel good about the salt so I will kick it again
    • Hey FoL! :)  Did you ever find a way to get enough sleep?  I know you do not get much time on the net but you might find it interesting to see how Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram gained weight after getting even less sleep than she already was for a few months leading up to her book release.  She said she got only 4 hours of sleep for many years.  So I assume over the last few months she was getting significantly less than event that!  It sounds like this was the only thing that changed for her and it resulted in weight gain.  She says now she realizes the importance of sleep and proper rest for health and healing.  You probably already know that but it is interesting and a solid reminder to see a real life example happen right before your eyes.

      • Hey ednshell. I was trying to get better sleep for about a month. I was going to bed at 8 and waking at 4 for work. I wouldn't always fall asleep at 8 sometimes hours later but I was in bed lights out eyes closed no distractions. But that kinda fell apart the last month cause of a project I was working on. I hope to get back to trying soon. I don't know what to think about the weight and the amount I eat. I got to figure stuff out.
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