Hi! New to group. I am 34 yo female. I quit smoking cigarettes a year and half ago after smoking for 20 years. I was on birth control for over 10 years (depo or pill) and got off that about 2 yrs ago. I developed melasma on my forehead a few years back. It is a dark brown area shaped like butterfly. The doc said it was because of smoking and birth control and gave me a cancer causing skin bleaching cream. I tried doing some peels, ACV, lemon, copper peptides and probably other stuff I don't remember. I went gluten free about 6 months ago and found huge health benefits. Now I am HCLF Vegan, mostly raw (working towards it) I have had such improvement in my skin so fast. I am wondering if anyone has gotten rid of brown hyper pigmentation on their face just on the diet? Or with what kind of treatment? Thanks xoxo

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  • Nutritionists advise compiling your menu so that the basic products are those that somehow help to even out skin tone:
    Milk, yogurt (no food coloring), chicken protein; onions, asparagus, white cabbage, Savoy, Brussels sprouts, broccoli; garlic, daikon radish, horseradish; apples and green grapes. Sulfur, copper, zinc and iron contained in these products inhibit the reactions that lead to the formation of melanin.
    Foods with vitamin C - lemon, orange, mulberry, rosehip. Thanks to vitamin C and organic acids, they neutralize the damage caused by the sun to the skin and inhibit the work of melanocytes. Food sources of vitamin E are nuts, vegetable oils, leafy vegetables, without which renewal and regeneration of tissues is impossible. Beans, lentils, green onions, figs, potatoes, eggplant, rich in vitamin B3, it reduces the skin's susceptibility to ultraviolet radiation.

    So you need to include in your daily meal this vitamins. You also can take supplements but mostly says that food better than "plastic" vitamin. Perhaps add them to your healthy meal but don't use them instead it.

    Also check out the article which describes in detail how to deal with pigmentation. After all, it is best to combine, eliminate the problem from the inside and outside

    Melasma vs Hyperpigmentation: What’s the Difference?
    What's the difference between melasma vs hyperpigmentation? Truth be told, very few if any people can answer this question confidently, comprehensive…
  • Hi, I am Anne, a few months back I had melasma on my face, cheeks and forehead. I tried various natural remedies like cucumber mask, aloe vera, green tea, etc. But still I couldn’t completely recover from it. Later I came to know about the usage of tea tree oil. I started applying it and it really worked for me. But as I stopped it’s usage, redness started to appear again. Then my cousin suggested me to consult a dermatologist. We met Dr Jain at Fairview laser clinic who explained that it was hereditary for me and hence natural treatments won’t be completely effective. She recommended phototherapy and so I went for it. She also advised me to reduce the intake of caffeine containing foods and foods high in histamines like fermented food, canned fish and processed meat as these may trigger the redness. After the treatment I completely got my rosacea treated.

  • Have horrible melasma from hormonal imbalances as a teenager...puberty? IDK I have been on lifestyle for almost 2 years and it has not changed.... :( I have learned to just deal with it and use sunscreens to keep it light bc sunlight makes it darker....  I have resolved all acne though (history of bad cystic acne) and my old acne scars haved faded.

  • You are lucky!  I have the pigment mustache instead of the butterfly. It gets really bad in the summer. My research points to adrenal fatigue/hormonal imbalance as the cause.  I'm still hoping low fat vegan is going to be enough to balance my hormones.  I'm highly stressed and get very little sleep (insomnia) so adrenal fatigue is probably not improving.  I have faith that this lifestyle will cure it, if I can just actually follow it to a T.

    • I have the butterfly on my forehead. I have not found a remedy. I did have it above the lip but that went away by its self. I had one on my cheek that also went away. Not my forehead though. I've settled on having bangs. Maybe it will go away over time. 

    • Yes I had the adrenal fatigue/hormonal imbalance and that's when it appeared.  LUCKILY my hormones have balanced out again eating this way so I have no doubt yours will too.  I'm just hoping that the mark is not permanent and will lighten up/go away.

  • Did you find any answers to this question?  I have the exact same thing...hyperpigmentation, a dark brown butterfly type mark right on my forehead.  It seems to get worse when I go out in the sun without makeup so I'm curious as to anything I can do to help it lighten up or go away even.  

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