• Hi there,

    I'm in Melbourne in Reservoir. 

    I have a few places I I go to get bulk fruits and Veggies. 

    Morabito wholesale is on Settlement road in Thomas town and is crazy cheap and quality.

    I love the Victoria Markets on a Sunday afternoon...absolutely crazy deals on all fruit and Veggies.

    I go to Preston Markets too on Saturday afternoon good deals and there is a fruit stand just to the side of the markets that usually has great deals as well.

    Also my local Arabic supermarkets have .99c kg fruits all the time. 

    I definitely try to avoid the supermarkets coz the fruits are never ripe.

    Where in Melbourne are you? 

    Happy New Year  xxx


    • Ooh thanks for the tips! 

      I am east, in Glen Iris. Of course no cheap anything out here🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ but the quality of produce in the organic shops is usually really good. Particually the Prahran Market. 

      Yearsss ago I would go to the Vic Market on Sunday arvo for the fruit & veg deals. Sadly I had a hard time finding quality though! I don't mind "over ripe" fruit, because it's usually perfectly ripe...but when half the strawberry punnets have mould growing on them...ick :( 


      I might check out Preston Markets. Heard good things!

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  • maybe time to get out of that place and head for Qld! (meaning due to the Covid rubbish).

    • It's certainly getting to be that way down here sadly!!

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