I've decided to move to Mexico from the UK. I intend to live off-grid growing fruit in the middle of nowhere. Where's the best part of Mexico to move to, please? The south seems the obvious part due to the greener environment. How much is land - can I get suitable land for hardly any money? What do I need to know? Thanks.

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  • what made you decide on mexico if you are so unsure about the area?

    • I'm sure enough. It's in the tropics; there's jungle, lots of space, and an array of landscapes. The fruit is cheap, varied, and, so I read, the people are into organic food. Also, I watch The Dollar Vigillante's videos, and he made the place seem very attractive. It's a nice mix of things, in general. I just need to know more - the details of the place, and I'm also interested in the opinions of others here.

      • i read like 80% of the corn tortillas used there as food have gmo in it though, so it's not as pure as i once thought.  that tells us their fields are still tainted too with chemicals, since they grown their own maize not imort it for local use in food.

      • good points, if the people overall seem to kare that's what's most important. forget the world govt kabal of skammers and their corporate chemical, miLIEtary puppets who just spew out lies and bs.

        let me know which areas are best for good water and soil if you make it there. i'm thinking about backpacking myself one day freely which is our human rite, without fake corrupt ids and propaganda. we don't need to be part of their hoax corporate id system,  to travel peacefully in this world.


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