Moringa.... hype?

So I went to the asian market today and found fresh Moringa leaves.  I have heard about this tree being the "Miracle Tree". Now its being marketed as a super food and put in form of pills, teas powders..etc etc Money maker super food..... :/  I don't take supplements so I bought it whole.  Anyone try it in its whole form?  I am trying some tonight in my salad.  It kind of tastes like watercress a little spicy.  Really nutritious stuff

Any experiences?

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  • Woke up feeling better ran 3 miles...slow but I managed.  Ate a large watermelon for breakfast and seemed to make me all better.  Read about Mustard oil.  Yuck that stuff must be toxic! I still do baby spinach, kale and chard and do ok with those.  I will avoid Moringa! I have been on this lifestyle 4 months.  No changes with eyesight yet....

  • It gave me some kind of dysfunction! I Only had about 30 grams and feel sever stomach pain gas and cramps also got really sleepy and almost feel drunk ! Trying to hold back puke! Omg I'm throwing the rest out! Does it get better? I have horrible vision wish I could not depend on my glasses so much. Ugh going to bed now. Didn't even finish dinner. Hope I can sleep on hardly any calories :( I'm not sure spicy means oxalates... Radishes are spicy.... And so are there radish and brocolli micro greens.
    • :(  That's no good.  Hope you feel better.    
      Stick with the diet, and your eyes may get better but the ones who have seen the difference say it takes about 6months to start noticing a difference.  

    • yea don't eat radish as it has mustard oil too.    yea broccoli full of oxalates (acid salts)  did you read the article on oxalates alkaloid stuff?   see Teri Levanthal and her no overt eye sight reversal i say

      people who say stuff about poisonous stuffs, positive. sell it i find mostly

  • They are Drumstick Tree Leafs, I ate them along with my raw food breakfast everyday for a couple of months and my eye sight has gone to ABSOLUTE NORMAL.

    I ate the leaves( 150 to 200 grams) directly in the very available raw form per day. The taste was horrible, but it proved to be very beneficial in making my eyes good. The doctor really got surprised, I never used glasses in my life but I was at the verge of getting them, but this leaf helped me in taking back my eyesight to absolute normal. The eye specialist got surprised.

  • spicy means oxalates?

  • i hear it gives you spiritual wu wu dysfunction

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