moving to thailand?

Im seriously considering moving to Thailand at this point, chiang mai specifically, and figured i have enough money put back to live for about 1-1.5 years finding a cheap $75 a month apartment or thereabouts. In that period of time, ill need to find a job. Is it possible for expats to get a job say stocking shelves or something at a grocery? How easy is it to find employment? Does the population speak much English? What should I know before leaving? Any tips or advice welcome.

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  • From what i know a lot of people have done it, im not even sure what visa to purchase

  • Honestly, if you want to stay their long term, one of your best options is going to be teaching English. You're going to need a visa to work, too. From what I am reading, when you sign a contract with a school in Thailand, like I have done here in Taiwan, they will provide you with the documentation to obtain a non immigrant b visa. Unless you speak fluent Thai, you options are quite limited. Starting a business is another possibility. I have foreign friends here in Taiwan that operate pizza trucks and do pretty well. 

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