Moving to the tropics

My husband, our two small dogs and I want to move abroad from Europe. We want to live in a country where it's summer all year round. We won't be able to move by plane because we aren't jabbed, and we also don't want to get tested.
What are our options? We just want to live a life of peace and self-sufficiently.

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  • I hear you! I'm also in Europe, Tuscany, Italy and my partner and I and several of our dear friends are looking at possibly moving to Portugal. There's a place being formulated in Costa Rica. I'll get you the info once I've chatted more with the Founder of the intentional community. He's amazing!

  • Hi Annelies, if you could find a way to get a fake pcr test that would open up your options a lot. If not, the only options at this point are Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia. I'm looking for the same thing. I'm from Canada. Good luck!

  • Yes I would like to know about that too... maby move by bike or train before they come to your house and force you to vaccinate... ;-)

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