My left hand tingles, what does it mean?

About once a week, I wake up and my left hand & top forearm are tingley or numb. In fact I'm sure it wakes me up, because I have to move position to get the blood flowing again.Is this a medical problem or just a normal hazard of sleeping? I'm only asking because I might have read on this forum that it could be a circulation problem, otherwise I don't give a monkeys really. Hate the feeling though of no blood flow and pins & needles.Anyone else have this when they sleep?

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  • I know this is like the obvious question and all but... are you sleeping on your arm? :P
    • maybe, i sleep on my side, rotating either to the left or right,

      when I wake up with it happening, my hands are high not lying on the bed,

      this is why i want to be thin again, the weight could be too much pressure on the arm,

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