My Mind Feels So Clear

Well the raw high keeps on rolling today. I feel like I have so much energy and my mind feels so clear.  I was on my walk today and I thought about how natural eating raw is and feels. I read an article the other day about a woman who was, I believe 75 and has been raw for 50 years or so and she said something so simple but yet so profound - she said "humans are the only species on the planet that cook their food" and I felt immediately awe struck by the truth of that statement. . .and it got me thinking today about how misguided our species is, how misinformation about what and how we should eat to be healthy is all just a bunch of lies.  I took a look at my kitchen today with new eyes and thought to myself, what is all this crap for, the stove, the toaster oven, the coffee pot, the recipe books?  How did humans mess it up so much?  Why do I need a recipe with 18 different steps, with 20 different ingredients and cook for x amount of hours when I can simple peel a piece a fruit and eat it?  Fresh fruits and veggies is the fastest fast food you will ever find, no drive thru required.  I remeber growing up and being forced to drink a glass of milk with dinner each day and intrinsically I hated it.  And I also disliked meat, it was awful to chew, I thought it tasted gross, it was gross to look at but my mother thought these things were "healthy" and she was well meaning but just grossly misinformed, by the Canadian Food Guide. It was like my body knew what type of food it wanted and I was forced to ingest a diet that is not only cruel but not what I am biologically designed to eat.  And I payed the price, constipation, bloating, weight gain, mood swings, body aches and you name it.  And then when I went vegan, thanks mostly to finding Freelee's videos, I instantly knew this was how I was designed biologically to be.  It was like a light switch went off, I felt better almost immediately. There was such Truth in it, a truth that I had never quite felt before - And now this raw way of life that I have embraced feels like I am truly coming home, eating exactly they way I was created to eat.  Thanks Freelee!

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  • thank YOU for sharing your observations and lessons with us. 

  • Yes, freedom and time are our most precious possessions.

  • Freedom has never tasted soooo sweet!!!!

  • I love this Bella !!! Totally going to use this the next time someone tries to give me any crap for eating raw: "humans are the only species on the planet that cook their food". And I can totally relate to you being forced to drink milk. My mother use to force me to eat bloody steak with grizzle. I would gag on it. Then we got a dog. And the dog knew who to sit next to at the dinner table LOL. 

    • That is hilarious about the dog.  I wish I had a dog growing up, that would have solved so many of my problems.  My partner's mom said, she would find old chewed up meat in her son's boots up in his bedroom.  When he couldn't chew the meat at dinner, he would sneak up to his bedroom and spit it into a big boot.  One day his mother was in his room cleaning and she found a smelly old boot filled with half chewed meat chunks!  It amazing how intuitive we are when we are young, knowing flesh is not meant for human consumption!

  • I love your posts. I love the way you describe it all <3

    My aunt told me I had to drink a glass of milk once...I told her I would spew if she made me. She made me. I spewed. She had to clean it up :'D Well I told her! I thought it was sour, vile stuff :P 

    My mum tried to make my sister and I eat liver and bacon. God we hated it. We would put it in our mouths and pretend to chew and then when she wasn't looking spit it into our hands and toss it out of the shed! (We lived in the bush under a tarp with bunk beds and an esky and then progressed to a small shed). Then one day, I realised what meat was and I remember thinking what a disgusting thing it was to eat someone else's flesh :'( 

    Again...I can relate to what and how you write...big love from Australia! <3 

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