New year delivery suprise!!!

Amazon delivered my book 6 days early!!! What perfect timing, I was a bit emotional about this crazy year this morning as I'm getting ready to celebrate today, then the delivery guy knocks on the door with my new RAW TILL 4 book!! My mood completely changed, bring it on babyyyyyy!!!! ♡♡ happy new year fellow fruit bats ♡♡

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  • I used to use amazon too but after they banned the book Contagion Myth and then lied about the reason to the writer, i haven't used them again. They are part of the hoax it seems.

  • Happy New Year to you too! <3 Let's hope the new one improves on 2020! My mower packed it in today and then it started pouring rain so I had my shower in it...I just took a deep breath...2020 just throwing a couple more kicks in on the last day :') 

  • 🥳🙌🏼very cool to hear! enjoy 🍌🍌

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