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Good day everyone!

Is anyone else getting concerned with what is going to happen to us if we don't get the "juice"? I think that we should start discussing our options, and I would like to know who in Canada is interested in communal living for vegans/un-juiced people. :)

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  • Hi Amy!

    I'm on Vancouver Island and looking for the same thing. I'm still not sure whether to leave the country before Nov.'s really scary what's happening here but at the same time all my family is here...hard to know what to do!

  • Buy a bush block with timber, cut it down, build log houses.

    Get some large diameter pipe a big fan and some glass or acrylic sheets and make a earth mass heated green house, this way you will be able to set up a place that can grow more food and maybe even some citrus tree's. With low running costs compared to other heating options.
    You could try and gather people around this idea, a central earth mass green house with divided spots (each dwelling has it's own) and with separate log house dwellings.

    Log houses are easy and affordable to build for a group of people and if you get the right land there will be timber there already, building with fresh sawn is ok but seek some local knowlage.

    You can store apples all winter and pick kale even when the snow have covered them, there's a reason why deers don't die in winter.
    The green house will give you more food certainty and a space with "sub tropical feel" but the main source of food will be from the apple food forest and food forest gardens.

    Chipp the branches of the timber trees and make arborist mulch and you don't need to put on anything else, no compost, no "fertilisers" nothing. We are already getting great yeilds on old lawn covered in arborist mulch and we don't water either except to germinate the sown seeds.


  • I'm currently in the US (Washington state). I'm looking to get off grid in Mexico or central america. At this point I'm waiting for crypto to take off and hoping I'm left with a little nest egg to relocate and maybe buy some land. It's hard because I don't want to make choices out of fear, but I almost feel like I have to with this. Like, if I stay too long will I not be able to get out? Hope you're doing okay in Canada. I know you guys are a little further along on the tyrannical timeline than we are. Surely the US is going to catch up though.

  •   I heard it's gonna be really bad in Canada I mean I would try to move to the States or you'd have to start learning the skill of being invisible and just not being seen by anybody. I'm on telegram and I watch what's going on in Ireland and Australia and there basically forcing people and taking them out of their homes and holding them down.

    • Yes it is getting REALLY bad!! It is horrific. I want to start a community maybe in Vancouver Island of like-minded individuals who want to live off-grid. Vancouver Island also has a very nice climate, it doesn't get too cold. Unfortunately the States is going to keep getting worse too I believe. I heard moving to Nicaragua or Mexico could work, but we probably won't be able to cross the border without the va..x soon.

  • the juice?   if you mean the toxik hoax vaxxcine, then you are foolish for even thinking about getting it and goign for the demonik bs

    • I am not thinking about getting it lol. I just made this post to talk to other people who don't want to get it, and see if any fellow vegans have ideas of what we can do to survive through this... It is getting worse everyday. We will need to live completely outside of society soon. Especially in Canada. So I am looking to talk to like-minded individuals! :)

      • oh i got ya. my advice is DO NOT WATCH TV or the news or even social media. it's all BS and LIES! they want you in fear and to mind kontroll you. that's all this is about. keep doing your thing, natural, holistik and plant based, they can't touch truth or free will to be peaceful and free.  Let me know if you are ever in 'new england' i'm open to heading to the tropics too. maybe we can all form a rideshare from here and make our own off grid village free of govt BS.

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