• Liking the redesign here. Had joined in 2011 (did not remember password though :P).

    Nice to connect with you all!

  • I guess we came back here for some raw truth, that is hard to find these days in social media.. so I guess this will be a cool raw revival....


  • Hello I am back again as well.

    Was very happy that my old password is still the same... :) and that I remembered it. Just motivated me to go and buy some fruits. I have to sons now (used to be infertile... :DDD - but vegan raw does what vegan raw does... :)) and my younger son seems to be a frutarian... doesnt come to cooked meals, and empties our fruit-drawer regularely. :)  Daddy and me met each other on a 3 weeks raw food workshop in croatia.  :) Happy to see you all again.

  • Yup here since 2011 and I remember you Raini! 

  • Hi everyone, Last I was truly active was almost a decade ago, so crazy but it is lovely so see you all. Sad that all of the cool frugivore connections I made are gone from my friends list now but hi everyone.

    • Hi Crystal, this diet has a lot of turnover so your friends might be chewing a steak, dripping in blood as we speak.  Glad something draws you back after a decade, we're on to something!

  • Hi everyone! Has been some years for me as well! Many years later and I'm still eating 10 bananas for breakfast :D

    How are you all doing? Are you guys more active on another forum or can we bring this one to life again? :) I miss talking to you all!

    • Good to see you Nerada! im going to do my best to bring it back to life. Freshening it up to "The Frugivore Diet" and will do a bit of an overhaul to the site and then re-release (still with all data). 

  • Nice to read you here, Raini, Free, and folks.

    Just checked and would you believe it's been over eleven years since my first post!

    • Wow! good to see you still here too Windlord, you are definitely an OG 30bader :D . I even remember you commenting on my bike ride blog back in 2008 O_O Miss the good ole days

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