Orange creamsicle milkshake

Im sure I didn't invent this :P but I created it in my world. It's quick, easy and only requires two ingredients. It's so delicious, I have it twice a day!5 or 6 frozen bananasOranges (enough to make 3 cups)Juice the oranges and blend with frozen bananas until thick and creamy... Enjoy!

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  • That sounds awesome! I love those delicious little "accidents", lol. I think I'm going to try that with maybe fewer dates... Sounds yummy!
  • What I made by accident once was putting 1 cup orange juice and about 13 dates in the food processor and blending until a creamy paste. It smelt amazing, and tasted kinda like the Terry's Chocolate Oranges I used to eat. It'd probably be good on top of banana ice cream or sometime though, it was pretty sweet alone.

  • Yah, I get that it won't be a good fit for everyone, but it really helps get me through the day in a most delicious way, lol.
  • that so gives me indigestion but i'm glad it is delicious for you

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