Okay, so I know juicing isn't the greatest since it takes out all the fiber and whatnot. What about juicing oranges (with just a citrus juicer, nothing too fancy) and adding the pulp back in?
I noticed on Cronometer, juiced oranges have significantly less calories than whole ones. Is that because it's not counting the pulp? When I juice oranges I have pretty much all the orange in my glass.

Also, I've been having trouble eating greens. Salads make me bloated the next day. I usually just do iceberg/romaine/spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, and lemon juice. The tomatoes and cucumber are fine because I can eat those alone. It's the greens that make me bloated, even if I eat them without the tomatoes and cucumber. I'm not eating fruit too close to the salad. I'm hydrated. So what gives?
Cooked food made me really bloated the past year before going raw, and the greens have the same affect.

I was thinking about trying green smoothies instead. Is there any problem with that? Do you have a good recipe? I really like tomato, so would something like tomato/spinach/celery/some other kind of greens blended be about right? I'm definitely not an expert on greens!

Thanks guys!
<3 <3

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  • Thanks Alycia. :)
    I'll definitely try it out. I'll try to find one that sort of tastes like V8 lol. I don't really like the taste of fruits and greens mixed.

  • Assuming you are peeing at least 8-12 times daily and getting adequate sleep, it may be the spinach.   Baby spinach is fine but regular spinach is high in cellulose and hard on digestion.  

    Nora Lenz explains things nicely here: ( http://rawschool.com/best-raw-foods/ )

    Cruciferous Vegetables

    Brussels sprouts
    Bok choy (greens)
    Collard greens
    All are disqualified as optimal or even appropriate due to high cellulose content. Our bodies have limited ability to access the nutrients encased in the cellulose structure, so most of what we eat of them must only be eliminated from the body, which unnecessarily taxes our eliminative processes. These vegetables also contain irritating and indigestible oxalic acid and are bland or unpleasant to eat in their raw state. The exception in this category is young or baby spinach, which has what most people describe as a pleasant flavor and is relatively easy to digest in moderate quantities since its oxalic acid content is low at this point in its growth.

    And a  quote from The 80/10/10 Diet book from page 27:

    "It is true that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, collards, brussels sprouts, and cabbage are loaded with nutrients, including soluble fiber.  But they also contain cellulose and other difficult to digest or even indigestible fibers.  By indigestible fibers, I mean that our digestive system cannot break down these materials and must therefore eliminate them.  And unlike soluble fibers, these indigestible fibers are rigid and may scratch and scrape our delicate digestive lining as they pass through...These vegetables are best digested in their youngest and most tender state.  For best results, they must be thoroughly chewed or mechanically predigested via the use of the blender or shredding device...To be sure, we are capable of swallowing vegetation that contains cellulose and other rough, insoluble fibers, but such foods put a great load on our organs of digestion and elimination."


    Tender leafy greens are ideal but even these for some people with digestive problems can be too much and must be juiced until you heal up.

    OJ is fine, weighing it will give you the most accurate numbers.  

    Best Raw Foods
    A chart which shows objective information on the digestibility and suitability for human consumption of all the various categories of plant foods.
    • Thank you! I'll try without the spinach then. :)
      Do you think I can count one orange and one juiced orange with pulp as the same amount of calories, since Cronometer says otherwise? I have a lot of juiced oranges for breakfast but I don't want to be significantly undercounting calories. Or just by weight then?

      • Scales are pretty cheap and worth the effort.  

        Oranges can be different sizes and juicing you will lose some of the fiber, so ideally use a scale. 

        • Alright, thank you! :) Will do then.

  • Of course it's possible. How much water is recommended again? I drink about a liter when I wake up, probably two more during the day, and one around night, maybe two. I thought three was recommended, but I'm drinking more lately because my skin has been dry so I think that means I need more.
    I haven't tried having salads for probably a month to be honest, since it's had that affect each time. I'll keep up the water and try again.

    I don't really like salads that much either though. Still thinking about green smoothies. :p

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