Overt-free Mousse?

I'm wondering if there's a good recipe for an overt free mousse--I'd love to add some carob or chocolate powder to it, but don't want it to be creamy because of the overt fats.


Would there be a decent substitute for overts? Would persimmons work? I've never ever had a persimmon in my entire life, hehe--but when do they even go into season, very late winter or pretty much almost now...? What other fruits might work--I'm badly allergic to bananas, nooo? :( :/

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  • There is a wonder fiber called Konjac glucomannan that comes from the plant Amorphophallus konjac, so its vegan :)

    It only takes a half teaspoon of this flour to make 8oz. of water into tasteless pudding(one of the pluses of this is its complete lack of taste. So you can mix it with anything and not worry about flavor change).

    If you add it to anything with liquid (carob+water) you will get the same thing.

    This stuff is the best stiffener I have ever seen! It has 10 times the thickening power of corn starch!

    Also its 100% soluble fiber.

    I suggest looking it up, getting some, and playing with it. Its fun!

  • Super ripe bananas blended...

    • But I'm allergic to them, to the point that I can't eat bananas at all anymore now. Thanks, but I'll have to try something else!

      • use mangoes as a base! those are awesome! :) 

      • You could probably make one with dates or berries but it might be a bit harder to get the moisture content right.

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