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Hi Everyone!

I keep seeing people recommend and I was wondering if anyone has a set of scales like mine. Basically you type in the food code (1403 for Bananas) and when you weigh the food it will tell you all the details about it like you can see in the picture.

It was a nightmare to purchase in Australia but if anyone is interested I will try to find out where I got it from. All of the sites that I found only shipped to the US so it took me a while to find a website who would ship here.

Do any of you use this kind of thing? I was a little worried that it wouldn't know of all the fruits I would one day be eating but I think you can add custom foods to it as well.

BTW this is my first post here so I should probably introduce myself just a little. I just started cycling recently and somehow I stumbled on durianrider's youtube channel. From there I was intrigued by his crazy lifestyle ideas, but I think it was Freelee who won me over walking around in the back of his videos =P. I really want to give this lifestyle a good effort, I didn't even realise until I watched durianrider's videos that fruit is so so so SO much tastier than anything else, even though I crave other food more and don't seem really satisfied by fruit yet.


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  • I mean where you can put fruit after fruit on there and see the total carbs of all of them combined at the end. I am attaching a photo of the raw fruits page so you can see what they've got.

    I think if you approached the company they would just suggest you use the 99 custom food slots, is that not enough do you think? I don't see rambutan for example on that list, but I don't really know if that fruit has a different name outside of Indonesia.


  • Hey, that scale looks like great stuff ! Does it allow updating (adding food in its database) ? What kind of units is it using (for weight: kg/lbs/... ; energy: kcal/kJ; ...) ?

    • Just reading the book now. You can add 99 new foods to it's memory. I was going to take a photo of the fruit codes as well. There is only one page of raw fruits, and 4 more of canned fruit and juices + 4 of vegetables, the rest of the book is stuff I don't think anyone here will use.

      As far as I can tell at the moment everything is in grams/milligrams except for the Weight which can be grams / oz. Calories don't change units when I press the G/OZ button so I guess that would be a limitation of the device. You can also add up foods to get a total, I originally bought it for calorie counting, lol

      Do you think the total carbs / sugars would be useful?

      • What do you mean about the total carbs ? (It seems essential to me)

        If there are so few raw fruits, juices and vegetables, maybe 30bad could convince them to make a model specifically made for 811ers ?

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