Physical Adaptation to Tropics?

Greetings! Back from a long hiatus. 

I've gone raw vegan every year for 1-3 months at a stretch for the last 16 years (I just turned 33), but 2021 is the first year I'll do it in the tropics! I live in Seattle, grew up in Alaska, and raw vegan and LFRV in sub-freezing weather is freaking *rough*, but I've done it anyway. I'm working remotely for a month and a half to two months at some family property in Hawaii, and have been eating tons of fresh local fruit and leaves already!

My question is this: How do our bodies adapt to the tropics, either in the context of LFRV or not, over the course of months or years? Do we retain water? Lose it? Does our fat storage change?

As a Pacific Northwesterner who climbs, hikes, mountaineers and is generally in cold damp dark weather half the year or more, I feel like a muscular physique to generate heat with a little bit of body fat for added warmth/reserve suits that climate well (I'm pretty lean and muscular, with a butt from all the steep climbing and hiking). But how do athletic bodies shape themselves in the tropics? 

All I could find so far has been very old British colonial-era research papers from the 20's and 50's, but the papers have been behind paywalls. Yikes.  

Thanks for reading, and any insight is greatly appreciated!

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