Possible to Heal Fruit Allergies?

I'm basically allergic to many, many, if not most, fruits at the moment--blah! :(


The list of fruits I can't/don't eat anymore at all now: apples, bananas, mangoes, any citrus fruits (grapefruits, oranges, etc.), pears, peaches, and nectarines. I'm so upset. What happened? I used to be able to eat all of these fruits just fine, but no longer am able to do so. Obviously, my best bet would be to heal the allergies so I can afford the diet. I mean, aside from dates, nothing cheap is left--and most things left I don't even like to eat. Perhaps I overdid the specific fruits in the past, and now it's coming back to hurt me?! Help!


Has anyone ever been able to heal their fruit allergies, until they can eat normal/30bad levels of the foods again in one sitting, maybe? How?! Please help, I'm just soooo upset, blah.

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  • Hi Moiraine,  I'm so sorry to hear that!  Such a bummer.  I react badly to several different fruits, and I unfortunately have had no luck in healing from those yet.  My reactions aren't as severe as yours, so I indulge once in a while, but mostly I try to stick to my safe choices.  

    My guess is that our bodies were always intolerant of these foods, but we were so sick and toxic that we couldn't tell, and our bodies didn't react as violently since they didn't have the vitality to do so.  Now that we are healthier and cleaner, our bodies let us know sooner when we consume something that doesn't agree with us.

    It's a blessing and a curse.  My boyfriend has been raw for so long at this point that he can barely tolerate things like smoke from a neighbor's fireplace in the air.  I think you get more sensitive as you go along.

    I hope you are able to identify a delicious set of foods that you like that work well for your body, and thrive on those.  Best of luck to you!

    • I'm very curious, but how long have you been LFRV? Perhaps the fruit allergies won't heal over time, but I will persist and be more hopeful. Would maybe eating those fruits to "indulge"/reintroduce more often be more helpful or beneficial to you?


      Very interesting! But I'm wondering why the clean, pure diet wouldn't heal those problems?


      I do--I hate smoke, but kind of always did in the past, regardless. Hmmm. But I do not tolerate chemicals, poor smells, etc. now, because my nose is just that degree more sensitive presently.

  • Maybe what's coming out here is that you should keep your diet simple and over-free for maybe 1 month or so, whether it is cooked or raw vegan. Then as Rawbert suggests, introduce one fruit at a time , and wait a couple of days on that inclusion to see if allergic symptoms restart.  Takes will power, but worth it to clean house so you can eat a natural diet again.

    You could do worse than go on date/greens island; you mention you can tolerate those.

    I feel like others that these "allergies" cannot be lasting, it must be detox from fats/chemicals.

    • Does detox last for 7 1/2 years? I think not.
    • Possibly a good suggestion, wow...why wouldn't I have thought of that, now? :) Problem I have is that when I do precisely similar things, like eliminating the fruit for a period, I end up noticing I do react to that fruit. Very interesting.


      Would more water-rich fruits be okay in the summer? Perhaps melons? Would smoothies be possible to get additional fruits or greens in? Would limiting greens to lettuces be best? Thanks for any advice or expertise.

  • If you want to be able to eat fruit then you'll have to heal your leaky gut.  Do mono meals and take it easy on digestion for a while and see what happens.  I sincerely doubt you have become allergic to these things after starting this diet.  Though if it has happened after than just take it easy like I suggested. 

    From my experiences all allergies can be cured with proper health.  I used to be allergic to just about everything.  I've been completely symptom free for at least 2 years now that I've gotten my health on track.

    • What fruits would be best to use, perhaps more water-rich options with such bad heat out presently?


      Well, not true for most, but good to hear for you. How long would it take to heal? It took 2 years for you, personally, I'm assuming? Wow...that's a while to be struggling with budget to find good fruits, grr.

  • What's your body's reaction when you eat the fruits mentioned above?

    • Various reactions, but mainly skin reactions (hives, extensive rashes on my legs that never touched fruit, etc.), breathing problems (suffocating, unable to draw breath, anaphylaxysis, etc.), or dry mouth that persists for days after consuming a particular fruit.

      • Skin reaction could be detox, fungus, candida and a host of other things..how much fat do you eat?

        I'd go to a doctor and run some tests and complete blood-work especially for the breathing issues.

        Anaphylaxis looks like has nothing to do with fruit:

        'Many foods can trigger anaphylaxis; this may occur upon the first known ingestion.[10] Common triggering foods vary around the world. In Western cultures, ingestion of or exposure to peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, shellfish, fish, milk, and eggs are the most prevalent causes.[3][5] Sesame is common in the Middle East, while rice and chickpea are frequently encountered as sources of anaphylaxis in Asia.[5] Severe cases are usually the result of ingesting the allergen,[10] but some people experience a severe reaction upon contact. Children can outgrow their allergies. By age 16, 80% of children with anaphylaxis to milk or eggs and 20% who experience isolated anaphylaxis to peanuts are able to tolerate these foods.[11]'

        Fruit has the less toxic load of all foods (unless it was contaminated) and it gives your body a chance to catch up and do some house cleaning and healing so some of the symptoms you're experiencing might be detox/healing.

        At this point we know very little about your past and current lifestyle so it's impossible to pinpoint what the culprit is without having more details.

        One thing we know for sure though: health is a consequence of healthy living on a consistent basis so if you stick to that you'll get there..:)

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