Profile annoying bug

Your profile software has a problem. No matter what I select I get the same stupid message and after spending some time updating my profile, I am unable to save it!!!!
It keeps coming with

"We're Sorry
Please select an option for: Please tell us about your dietary inclinations:"

Please fix it!

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  • Should be good now.  NIng said there was an old profile question that had not been changed/updated, they did it for you and say it should be good to make any changes you want now.

  • Thanks Richard, hope to get back to you soon!

  • I'll look into it and get back with you, Richard

    • I asked Ning to look into it, I could not find any reason why this would happen from looking at  Richard's  profile. 

      • nice Shell, you were my "I'll look into it" ;)

        • haha! :)

This reply was deleted.