Raising your kids in a raw vegan community in Costa Rica

Hello Folks, since Corona Virus many people around the world have understood the need to move to the tropics and start growing their own food, you can say it's a survival idea. Many want to do it but the task seems way too enormous, and it is if you are on your own!! That's why i decided to spread the word about us, a forming raw vegan tribe on a beautiful land in the jungle with already growing fruit forest, and our amazing vegan neighborhood. We are called Purafruta and located on the Carribean side of Costa Rica, 15 mins drive from the beach, and 20 mins from the nearby town, Puerto Viejo, the larger community of Talamanca, populated mostly by foreigners, in total of 4 close-by surf-towns along the beach, sums up to 10,000 amazing like-minded people that benefits from constant energy/resources/skills exchange.

Our Purafruta tribe welcomes people that want to take advantage of this amazing local community, but to live in our own raw vegan eco-village, where we work together maintaining and further expanding the fruit forest on our 15 hectares land, raise our kids together using educational techniques that we all agree on and apply. We also share tools, community gardens, and much more. If you end up finding out you are more of an individualistic type, we also have a friend on our road that sells land for cheap, in the heart of a Vegan road! So together with them we make a very interesting neighborhood.

If you want to know more click here and read through our values, our structure, pictures and more... See if it's somthing for you...
Webspage - http://PuraFruta.org
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/PuraFruta6

The borders just opened up so we are expecting 10 new families, so if you want to come this will be the best time ever for investing since that within the next few months the lots we have to "sell" are the cheapest and have the best locations on the land, so get ready!

Let's get ready for the coming era, things are changing fast, so please share this message around this is a crucial time, people need to know that there is an option like us, and others that we can refer too in Ecuador.

Thank you!!

-The Purafruta Tribe-

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