Raw Vegan=Cure for Depression?

So, I just felt like throwing this out there. Although I've been in the process of transitioning back into a raw lifestyle (always vegan), I'm now at the point where I've cut out all cooked foods and have already been noticing a lot of positive changes. First off, I have more energy (of course) and just generally feel better. Common benefits of a LFRV lifestyle. However, I've also been noticing that I really do feel more attractive and, therefore, so much better about myself. My skin is absolutely glowing, my body is starting to really shape into the way I like it to be, and I just overall feel prettier. I also keep finding myself in a good mood for no particular reason. I love it. So this begs the question: Couldn't raw veganism be used as an alternative form of curing people with depression? Obviously, there have been a lot of people who were overweight and/or depressed before they found this way of life and who have turned their entire life around (like Freelea). It makes me feel that someone out there should be prescribing this lifestyle instead of all the drugs (aka "medications") to people with depression problems. I suppose many people wouldn't actually do it, but really I think the effects (even the more immediate ones) are pretty incredible. This should be used more for depression!

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  • I also think that it can cure depression. this lifestyle detoxes the body, heals the gut and gives us the sugar we need, and all we need, less all we don´t need :-). I also feel in a better mood since starting this lifestyle!

  • I agree <3 Aren't you glad you found this lifestyle?

    • Yes! It's an absolute game changer. :)

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