•  I'm in Mass too. Looking for a place in Florida as well.  you heading south in a rideshare?

    • Is that you riding a horse in your profile?

      • who else would it be? lol. maybe i should find a horse and go! good point! 

        • Horses aren't vehicles. Ride a bike.

  • Hi Kiki. Thanks for the info, I'll check out that Meetup group. My area code is Boston. I just moved to Florida, I'm in an Airbnb in Tampa. I'm looking at places in Sarasota where there seems to be a raw vegan community. Although south Florida isn't out of the question. 

  • Hi Nik! I'm in Boca and while I don't know of anything specific, there is a Meetup Group called Couth Florida Raw Vegan Meetup, which you could possibly link in with and get lots of resources!

    I am raw/fruitarian and love to connect with others; your area code looks like NYC (I lived there for 10y before coming to FL for the last 16) so feel free to be in touch! Kiki

    South Florida Raw-Vegan Meetup by Brigitte (Delray Beach, FL)
    Brigitte’s raw-vegan adventure began in early 2013 when she decided to take her life and health into her own hands and eliminate all animal products…
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