School won't let my niece use the bathroom!

My niece is 13. She's been having some pain in her knees and we think it has to do with her being dehydrated so my sister told her to drink lots of water throughout the day, but, she has problems doing this because it makes her have use the bathroom several times during the day while at school. Problem is they only have 3min. between classes, which is not enough time to use the bathroom and get to class on time, and some of her teachers only allow 3 class-time bathroom breaks per semester. So basically she has to go during lunchtime or I guess hope that some teachers won't punish her for having to leave class.

Can you believe this?! I'd say it's an outrage personally.

Anyone have any idea's how my sister should handle the situation?

I'm thinking she should call the school and tell them this ridiculous. And that if she needs to she should convince the school to allow her daughter to use the bathroom as needed, like get her a note or something. But I'm sure they won't be too helpful without a doctors note or something.

I've heard that people should be peeing like 10 times a day and that we shouldn't "hold it," but I can't find any proof of this... does anyone know were I can find this?




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  • why are you still putting your kids in those demonic schools?  if you don't know already they are possessed with liars and even, when will yee wake up??

  • I have the same issue here. High School teachers are not much better with the washroom stuff. However I tell my situation to each teacher I have and I've never once encountered a problem. Your best bet is to get your niece to tell her teachers the issue or even get the parents to drop in and explain like you said.
  • Thanks for your replies everyone!

    I just talked to my sister, she's going to email the principal and explain the situation. I told her to include information about the hazards of not urinating (UTI's, kidney stones, etc.) and of being dehydrated. If that doesn't work she's going to get a Doctors note.

    It's so absurd that this is even an issue.

    Thanks again everyone :)

  • Urine is a salty filtrate of the blood and waiting to urinate can cause kidney stones, bladder infections or prostate enlargement. Not very pleasant and healthy, something has to be negotiated with this, I don't believe dissallowing a child to go to the bathroom allows future responsibilty for their future in general as well. Hope everything goes well, you can do more research on this in PubMed for more factual scientific evidence on edu/org websites that are cited appropriately.


    • A classic :)

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  • How demoralizing to be told you "can't" do something when it has to happen. One of my friends' kids was taking one of the required state tests at the end of the year, when she had to use the restroom for more-than-pee. They wouldn't let her go and she went in her pants! Made me so mad for her!


    I'd make sure she contacted the principal first, then bring in a doctor's note if needed and if that doesn't work, talk to a lawyer if needed. Clearly, a kid shouldn't be penalized for natural bodily functions that take place throughout the school day. I'm sure she's not the only kid with a problem with this anyway.


  • Just call the principle and explain the situation, they will be more than willing to allow your niece to use the bathroom many times.


    This happened to me in highschool/Middle school. I would get frequent UTI's and not drinking enough didn't help. But some teachers wouldn't even let me drink as well as use the bathroom. I got my mom to call them and they allowed me to after that.

  • I remeber this from my early education.  I developed my menstral cycle early as a child and found this very frustrating.  Such a shame that it compromises kid's health. Maybe contact the teacher and ask her for some lenience and understanding.  Wish you and your neice the best. :)
  • Grrrr!

    Would your neice or her family be open to home/unschooling?

    Other than that, a doctor's (or a lawyer's) note isn't a bad idea.


    If there is any right that should be sacrosanct in life it should be the right to wee!

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