My profile photo is dated 2006. I live in Australia, first advertised at Cairns in 1972 to try to find a fruitarian partner, and on Facebook since 2008 always trying to find a partner to help me grow vegan organic food and fruits for a fruitarian diet.  Therefore I ask who wants to live with me in Australia to help me grow fruit trees for a future fruitarian diet. It would take about 45 years to grow all the trees. I can buy some of the seeds from so long as the Internet still works. Unfortunately the fruit diet enthusiasts in Australia (other than me) ALL seem content to buy the their exotitic fruit to eat regardless of whether such fruits are grown on chemical fertilizers but they often talk how great a fruitarian food forest would be - but for them it has to be perfect location before they step foot in it. I cannot offer that - just plain old grazing farmland to do what you can with . My phone number in Australia is 0427493954 My Facebook page is .

Actually I need a very intellectual / brain-active partner who can also plan the logistics for Global Fruitarianism too.

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