• Wow, I remember when Aibo came out the first time! 

    Those are two very different options. It depends on your lifestyle, I guess. The Aibo option seems to be focused more on the human's experience, whereas an organic dog (haha, I like your choice of words) would require care and a focus on the dog's experience, as well as the relationship between you and him/her (as I'm sure you know from experience!) Also, I'm sure you know that different sized dogs require different amounts of activity, and Aibo may be happy to do very little or stay indoors all day. That's one of the things Made's response made me think of, too; not only may Aibo be shorter term, but it also may take less care overall. If your situation allows, it would be great to rescue an organic dog and give him/her a better life! Alternatively, it's understandable if the demands of an organic dog don't fit the current range of what you can/want to provide right now.

    Also, there's the whole social thing that dogs bring to neighborhoods, families, and between "owners" at the dog park. Dogs attract people and get a certain reaction. Is that something you're looking for? The Aibo experience may offer some of this, but with distinct changes!

    I know I'm a bit late to the party on this question - have you decided?

  • What a nice idea! A real alternative for people who do not want to take responsibility for a living animal for many years.

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