Should I stop getting my cavities filled?

I live in this town in Kentucky and I don't mean to sound rude.. but this place isn't very intelligent.....   I have to travel an hour away just to get bananas that are ripe and edible, anyway..

I went to the dentist and he filled my cavity, and the next day the filling fell out. Research says it's a lack of skill and to find a new dentist.. 

But besides all of that, don't they use mercury in the filling anyway? =/

What would a LFRV do about all of this? I'm stressed.

I have a lot of dental work, including braces or retainers or something and my natural health conscious says not to trust dentists but everyone else says I should.

I'm not sure..


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  • I've only had one filling my whole life:p then another small one started a few years ago, I've been vegan for 2 years and it hasn't gotten any worse or better. Just swish water around to help keep your mouth clean, or use your tongue. Im pretty sure cavities come from food sticking on your teeth and from dry mouth. So stay hydrated and keep your teeth clean If what your eating is staying on your teeth!
    • Thanks!

  • Are there ANY holisitic dentists around you? I would imagine the nearest city would have at least ONE...try searching online--this type of person would be better able to help you out.
    • Holistic is just a marketing ploy, most holistic dentists don't have a clue any more than a traditional dentist.  I would only go to a Hal Huggins trained dentist and still I would be as educated myself as possible before going in.

      • I couldn't keep up with the decay that started in my mouth. I had the composites but eventually they started breaking off. How do you remineralize teeth? I've had to have one pulled, 2 are left to barely anything so they're next, then there's about 7 others that have dark holes.  It's not even b/c of fruit - started after a car accident, about 6 months into being raw vegan. Why would I have zero tooth problems all my life as a carnivore, then suddenly have problems? Argh!

  • Depends if you want a great smile. Unless you are gifted with great dental genetics, you ain't gonna have that hollywood smile unless you pay big $ for it. 


    Dentists are the first to admit NO dental work is permanent at the end of the day and will require further work for life. If a filling fell out so quick, that should be covered under warranty for sure. Then again, dodgy dentists might say no BUT you MUST tell them and see what they say.

    My meat eating friend just spent 40 000USD on full dental implants. Her teeth now look AMAZING lol! Like Demi Moore even. Even though they look great, she doesnt think they do. Another example that even with corrective surgery, peoples own self opinion can't always be fixed...


  • For some reason after I got fillings last time, the spots were very sensitive for a while even when I had room temperature liquids. They are a clear filling and I don't think those contain mercury or anything.

    I don't think I myself would stop getting dental work done but it's everyones choice, I know a few people are doing fine without even seeing a dentist.

    • You have the right to know exactly what is in any materials being put in your mouth, just ask the dentist for a 'materiel safety data sheet' on the material in question.  They can fax it to you.  That way there is no guessing.

      • Thats right, just ask the dentist for the MSDS. 

  • If it fell out, I'd for sure demand a refund and then find a new, more competent dentist.

    These days, fillings are usually a composite material (matched to the same color as your tooth), not the old amalgam (mercury) fillings. Avoid amalgam fillings at all costs. Ask the dentist beforehand what type of filling it will be and if you have a choice, go for the composite. Depending on how minimal the cavity is, you can also opt to have it drilled/cleaned, but not filled, and instead naturally remineralize the tooth. I opted to do that with one small cavity that was found 6 months ago and according to the dentist at my appointment yesterday, I successfully remineralized it.

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