so i just read this

and it says 'avoid starchy foods and grains' on this diet to avoid abdominal bloating

however, many of freelee's meal plan and what she eats include a buuunch of organic spuds or gluten-free pasta for dinner but isnt that starch??

im so confused 

pls help

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  • I concur with WL here that you have to see what works for you.  

    I personally wrote the above blogpost to help people who were having abdominal bloating and or digestive upsets and pain to trouble shoot their diet.  

    The article has both underlying medical causes as well as dietary causes for abdominal issues although not all inclusive.  

    For some people, but not all, a diet high in starchy foods and or high oxalate foods (ironically, the two often go hand in hand) can cause not only bloating, but pain, gas, IBS symptoms, rashes, etc.  

    Having said that, overall, whether we are fully raw (me) or Raw to 4, many long term members and or Peacekeepers have found that people have better success eating as many calories as possible during the day from whole ripe fruits, including a green lettuce salad everyday, some nuts or seeds, and keeping the cooked foods to a minimum.  Even if one cooks, then cooking from whole raw plants like whole potatoes instead of chips, cakes, cookies, and pies, one will have better results overall.  

    So, see what works for you and if you have no issues, no worries, but, if you start to have discomfort and side effects, feel free to come back to the blogpost to troubleshoot or ask one of us:-D

    BTW, I did some experiments during my own transition many years ago which included a raw to supper idea, but found as time went on, I just feel better eating 99% raw.  

    Peace, PK

  • You'll always reap the best results on 100% fresh fruits n veg. 

    The backup plan for those who choose to incorporate cooked for whatever reason is plenty of fruit, with starchy carbs to make up the cal difference.  You'll have to choose which one resonates more with you.  Keep learning from those welcome wagon links, like this one, so you can make an informed decision. And feel free to experiment.    

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