The Raw State

I have noticed a remarkable shift in my state of being over the last few days, a shift towards a fully balanced internal state.  I feel peaceful.  I find that once we embrace how we are meant to eat, the battle inside our mind and body seems to dissipate.  Before, as a whole food plant based vegan, cooked meals seemed to still drive me towards feeling ravenous and desperate to eat.  I felt hungry most of the time, even though I ate more than my partner who is 6'3.  I sometimes even felt anxious - constantly thinking about what I would eat next, it was really weird.  I am small but would eat constantly throughout the day.  It was actually exhausting, I felt that most of my day was just prep and eating, because most everything I ate was from scratch. But I am amazed to say, on raw, those feelings have gone.  My eat and stop eating signals seem crystal clear and I find that I am not obsessing about what I am going to eat next. If I am hungry, I just walk over to the fruit bowl. No prep required. No heating, no mixing of ingredients, no planning, just peel and eat or wash and bite - it's so refreshing.  I guess what I am trying to say, is that going raw has re-awakened a state of intuitive eating for me - which just feels so natural.  I feel a sense of balance that I haven't felt in sometime and it is wonderful; it's a sort of gentleness and kindness that seems to be emanating from the inside out.  I thinks it's my body's way of thanking me.  I realize that our choices in how we eat show kindness to the planet, kindness to the animals and insects but ultimately, it also shows kindness to ourselves and I think as a result, the universe, and our inner being, repays this kindness with feelings of internal peace and a strong sense of balance.  Many blessings to all of you on your raw journey. Sending you love and light.

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  • Love this!  Thank you for that inspiration!

  • You are sweet!  Thank you.

  • Gosh I love it when you post :D <3 

    I felt that shift many, many years ago after a few months of being vegan. I used to dislike toads jumping up my legs and stuff. Now I'm like come here little toady I'll help you. The shift in my entire being was immense and one of connectness and love. I would never want to go back. 


  • "My eat and stop eating signals seem crystal clear and I find that I am not obsessing about what I am going to eat next"

    Great, peace within!

  • this is so pleasing to read. i totally feel you. and your experience is fortunately not unique as we embrace our true way eating and living. keep going sister, it gets even more magical. 

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