• Ok, first off. Written by some girl on her blog. Credibility bye bye. 

    She has some major logical hiccups that show she's been influenced by paleo logic.


    Humans have colonised the whole of this planet and it is a scientific fact that our species has shown itself capable of thriving in any of its diverse environments, as long as we eat the foods in that environment, in their natural state.

    A fruit-based diet is natural in only one of these environments, and one in which very few humans live: rainforest.

    There is nothing natural about living in England, or New England, and eating meals of bananas and mangoes. This is true in July, and even truer in January.

    Humans haven't been living in non-rainforest environments long enough to adapt away from fruit. Adapting TO something new doesn't mean UNadapting to something that's been a constant for millions of years.

    Potatoes, rice, yams, taro, corn, wheat, are all simply ways of making due in non-ideal environments. These foods are all high carb and this is the stuff we eat outside of the tropics. It's like we tried our very best to create fruits out of other plants. That's what cooked carbs are, the next best thing to our ideal food, fruit, which aint gonna change any time soon!

    Then she goes on to say that fruit is bad for the environment because of the carbon footprint of shipping fruit! That old argument? 

    And then, she says fruit causes insulin spikes! We all know that an 811 diet does not cause insulin spikes, rather it's the combination of fat and sugar in the bloodstream that leads to this. 

    Her whole premise is that a proper diet should not have fruit as the MAIN calorie source... but she never even suggests what the main calorie source should be! ha!

    Another confused young kid, ripe with bloggy enthusiasm and bad information!

  • Not very good article, but want to add this: only fruits also doesnt work for me. 955 ratios would also make me feel light headed and dizzy. I eat a fruit based diet, but also great variety of other stuff.I eat large amounts of greens and also overts to keep me 'grounded'. I also eat peas, peanuts, coconuts, avocados, nuts and seaweed in small quantities. All raw... 
  • To put it in the simplest terms (a mono-comment, if you will):  STOOOOOOOOOPID!

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