• Tamarind is amazing! It's long been used in India in many dishes and helps with heart disease and helps protect against cancer. 

    If you bought the pods, it's unprocessed and in it's raw form. you can also get it in a pressed pulp (basically just the seed removed and the pulp pressed into a block) or a concentrate. the pods are the best way to eat them. 

    I will sometimes take the pulp and blend it into a dressing for salads or spiralized zucchini noodles with other thai flavours, ginger, lemongras etc. 

    • Yup, it tastes very good. It takes a while to remove the pods, the seeds etc to get to the pulp, that is annoying. I wish all fruits were as simple as bananas, just peel, eat and move on. Ha, I am lazy :P

      Thank you for the idea of using it as a dressing, will try it. I don't know what lemongrass is, will look it up.

  • yes! it's great, i add it to almost every sauce i make, it's amazing for the sour edge it brings. try it. 

    • Awesome. I have been eating them raw, one or two a day. I don't know how to make sauce with it, will google it

  • I used to eat them a lot as a kid when we would stumble on a tree with ripe ones but I haven't had any for a while. Are they still in there shell pods? If so I'm sure they are fine but I dunno about if they are shelled and in a packet...

    • Yes, they are still in their shell pods. It tastes almost as sweet as dates. 

      • Great! Well I'm sure they are fine then :D I bet they would make a nice addition to a salad dressing! <3 

        • yeah, I was thinking the same! will try it tomorrow

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