Today’s Commitment

Hey hey everyone! I've been working toward a LFRV diet for about a year with varying success. Ultimately I end up giving in to cooked foods and spiral downward until I start over again. If I come here every day and make the commitment to stay LFRV just for today, I think it will help me to hold myself accountable. 

So, today I commit to eating fresh, ripe raw fruits and not giving into any thoughts or cravings.

Thanks and much love!


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  • awesome welcome my friend :) do whatever it takes to be the best version of yourself. 

  • Yes! Try eating more than you think you should. We see amounts in pre-raw so 4 bananas would seem enough when in reality it should be more like 10 if you are monomealing. That's what I've found in my experience. Getting the calories right will significantly impact all cooked food cravings (in a good way!) you have. 

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