Toothsoap and xylitol for dental health

HiI am new here - what a lovely place to meet other that love fruitsI am just curious becouse I remember last time I began to eat lots of fruits I got many teet problems. Now I just started useing dental soap. I would like to hear if there are anyone here that have experiences with changeing to toothsoap?And with xilitol - should protect the teeth? . I had dry moth and used it for getting salvia and that worked/works very well.Thankfruit smiles from me

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  • LOvE tooth soap!! :)

    I also use an ionic toothbrush actually which is even more effective in getting plaque off your teeth, google it.....
    • The ionic toothbrush sounds interesting . Do you feel your teeth has improved since starting useing this Mica?
      • I do feel my teeth have improved over the last few months but I would say it's a combination of things.

        I'm much more high fruit that I have ever been, as in my diet is becoming more and more clean. I started using tooth soap which I love and this toothbrush.
        And I've also been using this healing mud stuff which is called oralive by a company called which made my teeth a lot whiter too, I recommend it.

        Over all my mouth feels cleaner and my teeth stronger, that's all I can report really ;)
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    • Thanks Mica
      I will google it - havent heard about ionic toothbrush before :-)
  • Dear Isabella,
    I started using 'Toothsoap' about 16 months ago.
    I feel that my tooth health has benefited from using 'Toothsoap' instead of the natural toothpastes I had used for the previous 20 years.
    Last time I went to my dentist, he told me I was doing an excellent job of cleaning my teeth.

    I am not sure if it is stopping using toothpaste or using the Toothsoap that has brought me better tooth health.
    I also floss.
    I have been on a fruit diet for 17 years and have not lost my teeth!
    I would recommend great quality organic fruit, grown in mineral-rich soils.
    Also under ripe citrus, can be very damaging to tooth enamel, so I would recommend only tree-ripe citrus.

    Personally, would brush before eating, and rinse with water afterwards

    Wishing you healthy and happy teeth ♥
    Love and Peaches XX.
    • thank fruitbatanne :-)

      That makes lot of sense .... do you then brush before every meal and rinse with warter after eating .
      I try to get as much organic fruits and ripe as possibel but can not be sure how much mineral rich soil it is grown in ... most of it is imported from warmer climate
      • I usually brush twice a day.
        In the morning when I rise and in the evening, but several hours after I have last eaten.

        I only rinse with water, if I feel the fruit I have eaten has been a bit acidic or under ripe.
        Also, I never brush after Pineapple or citrus. If I want to brush my teeth and know I will be eating citrus or Pineapple, I make sure I brush before eating them.

        I also feel flossing is important.
        Love and Peaches XX♥
  • Thanks Rebeccaj
    I will search for the dental conversation
    My dentist also told me that I should brush my teeth before eating fruits and then rinse with warter after ... can´t exactely remember why but someting about the acid and/sugar from the fruits with be brushed into the bacteria therefore I will be the best to brush the bacterias away before eaten ????
  • there are a few different dental conversations that have popped up in the forum if you do a search for them.

    I've been brushing with only water and have seen dramatic improvements in my dental health since giving up all tooth products. just a soft brush, floss, and a tiny brush to get in between my teeth that have a permanent wire, and lots of water.

    xilitol should be unnecessary. dry mouth - can't exist when you're eating lots of juicy fruits. no need to "protect" the teeth, just eat clean food and rinse with water or brush after eating, and your teeth will get very strong.
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