troubles with non-vegan family. help!

This July I will be traveling to Puerto Rico to visit my family on my mom's side. (I am half Puerto Rican) I grew up eating a lot of high fat, fried, greasy, salty food with a lot of animal products eggs, butter and meat): There is also a lot of rice and beans which are vegan however I'd rather not eat them as my body does better on all raw and, I do not digest beans well at all. Not to mention they add a lot of salt and oil to the rice. So I really don't know what to do because food is a very important part of Puerto Rican culture and my relatives will freak out if I tell them all I eat is fruit. I don't want to insult them either and I feel like I would be by not eating their food. Has anyone gone through this I need suggestions and advice thanks. (on a side note I'm extremely excited for all the mangoes and other tropical fruit.)

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  • How would your relatives react if you tell them in advance? Maybe they could cook rice without added fat for you and you can add lots of fruits to it. That way you can eat some of the food that they provide. Offer to make a fruit salad for them.

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