Ultra-processed foods.

Below is from the British Medicine Journal open, a scholarly peer reviewed article. Processing food matters.

"Results Ultra-processed foods comprised 57.9% of energy intake"

Ultra-processed foods and added sugars in the US diet: evidence from a nationally representative cross-sectional study
  1. Eurídice Martínez Steele1,2,
  2. Larissa Galastri Baraldi1,2,
  3. Maria Laura da Costa Louzada1,2,
  4. Jean-Claude Moubarac2,
  5. Dariush Mozaffarian3,
  6. Carlos Augusto Monteiro1,2  bmjopen

"Conclusions Decreasing the consumption of ultra-processed foods could be an effective way of reducing the excessive intake of added sugars in the USA." bmjopen

This is useful to the raw vegan community because every once in a while you get a person who advocates that processing food does not matter. That diet is simply calories intake minus out take. This is a oversimplification fallacy. Many other factors come into play including fiber.

Science is slow but reliable. This is not absolute proof, yet the evidence is increasing that a whole plant based diet is the way to go.

Also note later in the article that added sugars is to be avoided.

"All reports recommended limiting intake of added sugars.1 ,3–5 In the USA, the USDGAC recommended limiting added sugars to no more than 10% of total calories. " bmjopen

This shows that added sugars is a problem and ultra-processed food are part of the problem. Also, note that difference between added sugars and non-added sugars like that in a whole apple, banana, or carrot. Some promoters of low carb diets will argue that all sugars and carbs are detrimental to health. This would be an over-simplification and cherry picking fallacy since only added sugars are the problem.

Finally, I end this post with an ethical question? Is lying for a just cause moral or immoral? If you could lie and save 100,000 animals lives, would you tell a falsehood?

The reason I ask is humans tend to believe lies over truth. Fake news penetrates further on social media and spreads faster. Overall, my opinion on the matter is that you are trading long term for short term if you were to lie. 100,000 animals might be saved in a year, but in 25 years it might cost the lives of 200,000 animals.


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  • Are fruit smoothies then overly processed and detrimental to ones health? 

  • Like your science based results. I would agree with the research. I would like to add that getting more specific information on how your body response to a particular protocol is ever better. get this information from being a research subject in research studies at Penn state University . Just finished as a subject in 3 studies , spice study, dry fruit study and a deep sleep study. All though I was told not to release specific information to people . I can say it is important to consume high, fruit. Vegetable, spices daily recommended by researcher. This particular lab human physiology research started at Harvard University and transfer to Penn state. Hope to be helpful here in the future. And looking to make some real change like freelee, and durianrider. Thanks
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